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Door Furniture – The Ultimate Guide

Door furniture UK

In today’s post we’re looking at how to choose the right door furniture.


Your front door is the gateway to your home, and the right furniture can make all the difference in creating a warm and inviting entrance.

But it can be overwhelming trying to decide what is going to look good, to match the setting and last a long time. With so many different finishes, materials and styles it can be confusing.

In this no nonsense guide we cut through the blurb and share the key questions that will help you choose the right door furniture, every time.

Front Doors

Door furniture is the hardware attached to a door – it includes handles, locks and hinges

Why it matters

Door furniture (or door hardware) plays a pivotal role in both the aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency of a home’s design.

Beyond just looking nice and adding curb appeal, door handlesknobshingeslocks, and other hardware contribute to the overall look, feel, and operation of doors. They also contribute to the image and feel of the property.

Different types of door furniture

Door handles

Door handles UK

These may be levers or pull handles, providing a means of entry to a property by lifting and/or pulling. They are the most used part of the door furniture so quality is essential for longevity.

Door knobs

Door Knobs UK

Similar to handles, door knobs are grasped and turned to operate the latch mechanism, allowing the door to be opened or closed. They are more traditional, often used to create a vintage look.

Door hinges

Door Hinges UK

These mechanical bearings connect the door to its frame, allowing it to swing open and closed. Again, quality is important as they provide stability whilst also contributing to the security of the door.

Door locks

Door Lock UK

The lock mechanism secures a door and is typically either a latch or a bolt, activated with a key, lever or handle. Again, quality is crucial for enhancing security and providing peace of mind in residential and commercial setting.


door furniture letterplates UK

Also known as letter boxes, these are openings in doors or walls through which post can be delivered, without compromising the integrity of the door.

There are available in a range of styles and finishes depending on the type of door and personal choice.

Door knockers

Available in contemporary or traditional designs, these metal fixtures attach to the exterior of the door, serving both practical and decorative purposes.

Factors to consider when choosing door furniture

Style and design preferences

The style and design of door furniture play a crucial role in the final look of a door.

Invite your customer to consider whether they are looking for a modern, traditional, minimalist or decorative design when selecting door furniture.

Material and finish options

The material and finish of your door furniture affect the appearance as well as the durability and feel. Coastal Group’s own brand products are manufactured from marine grade stainless steel or solid brass, offering peace of mind and strength.

Door furniture UK

The finish you choose, whether traditional antique bronze or modern satin stainless steel, will look best if matched with other furnituer on the door for a consistent look.

Compatibility with door type and style

The door furniture should of course match the general theme of the property. You wouldn’t choose a traditional doctor’s door knocker for a contemporary new build property. You should also check whether the lock you choose works with the handle and vice versa, ensuring an effective configuration.

Durability and quality

High quality materials that last will add value to a property. Take care not to buy cheap hardware that will rapidly deteriorate, particularly in high pollution or coastal areas. Buying high quality hardware, such as Coastal products, will ultimately save time and money in the long run.

Security features

Prioritising security ensures peace of mind so look for door furniture with robust locking mechanisms. We recommend high quality Winkhaus locks, with German engineering and cutting edge design that combines security with innovation.

Budget considerations

A new door is a big purchase and the hardware can be an extra cost that a customer hadn’t considered. We get it.

Door hardware UK

It’s essential to invest in quality door furniture that will last. Discuss the risks of buying cheap hardware (corrosion over time, staining the door with rust and handle droop) to ensure customers recognise the importance of choosing high quality.

Questions to ask when choosing door furniture

1. What is the overall style of the home? Contemporary or traditional?
2. Do you need to match the finish on existing door and window hardware?
3. What is best material for the setting? Choose a metal (such as marine grade stainless steel) that resists environmental corrosion for durability
4. What size is the door? Check that the hardware fits the space
5. What lock do you need?
6. Do you need ergonomic handles?
7. What brands and manufacturers offer the quality and range you need?
8. What do other customers say about the supplier you’re considering? Are reviews positive?
9. Does the supplier offer technical support if needed?
10. What’s the budget?


What is classed as door furniture?

Door Furniture UK

Door furniture refers to any item that is attached to a door. It may include, but isn’t limited to, the handle, the door knocker, the lock and the hinges.

What is the best material for door furniture?

Door handles are the part of the door most frequently used as people come and go, so it’s important that the material is hardy. Solid stainless steel is easy to clean and maintain, and can outlast the door itself if well looked after.

What door furniture do I need?

Door furniture is simply accessorising your door, adding the finishing touches to a job well done. Each front door needs functional furniture (i.e. door handle and lock) as well as additional hardware (such as house numbers and knobs) that improve the aesthetics.

Got questions? Get in touch

Get in touch with any queries about choosing and ordering the right door furniture for your next project.

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