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How To Choose Door Hardware And Door Handles To Fit Your Interior Style

Internal Door Furniture London

Choosing the right door furniture can be a daunting task for homeowners, you’re selecting the style, colour and fit to complement your interiors. From latches to leavers, knobs, handles, hinges and locks we’ll help you choose the best internal door handles and hardware for your home. These small additions to your home don’t just provide essential functionality but can wonderfully enhance the look and feel of your home.


Whether you’re completely renovating or rebuilding and installing a new door or just sprucing up an old door, we can help answer your queries on how to choose door handles with our how-to guide!

How to Choose Door Handles

When choosing your door furniture it’s important to consider your home’s style, colour palette, finishes, wood choices and their intended functionality. Your door furniture should tie this all together nicely, that’s why it’s a good idea to replicate your chosen hardware throughout your home. Unless of course, you are going for a wonderfully antique style of unique mismatched pieces throughout your home. Initially, it’s important to choose whether you would like a more modern or traditional style of door hardware in your home.

Importantly, it’s also a good idea to consider family needs. Like if you live in a multi-generational home a door lever with a handle is a more suitable option for older generations offering stability and ideally a better grip given their larger surface area. 

However, if you live with mischievous pets and don’t want them moving into rooms unsupervised with a quick jump and push, pathways are easily opened to off-limits rooms.

The Different Types of Interior Door Handles

Let’s start with the basics and cover all types of popular interior door handles and how they work.

For traditional interior lovers, a lever handle on a back plate is an absolute classic. A conventional back plate design and a good option if there are previous drill holes in the door handle area of your door. The lever is depressed via a levering mechanism to operate the handle and its door. A great choice for multi-generational homes, the backplate offers stability while the handle allows for extra grip.

A smaller and more compact option would be a lever handle on a rose platethese are simple styles of door handles that are available in either a circular (rose) or square plate. Styles include classic, modern and minimalistic. The lever is engaged by pressing down, levering the handle mechanism into operation allowing you to open and close the door.

Mortice door knobs are a typical traditional door handle, commonly recognised or also known as a beehive design. The more modern Mortice styles are now more widely used in contemporary-style homes. From classic finishes or a smooth polished finish including black, copper, crystal, glass and more to choose from to fit your home. Door knobs are used much like a leaver however instead of the depressing action, you’d turn the knob.

Lastly, consider whether you need keyhole or locking door handles for a bit of privacy, for purely safety reasons, or for rooms that are just off limits to others – great options in shared housing! Lockable door handles come in a few different options. From escutcheon (used to hide keyholes and protect the door), to backplates with keyholes or a thumbturn lock (used for toilet and bathroom doors).

Matching Internal Door Handles To Your Design Scheme

Considering the interior design and style of your home is essential as for those period properties, angular, modern handles may not fit the interior of your home. Just like opting for an antique door handle could look out of place in a contemporary home. But don’t worry we’ll help provide you with a clear understanding of your home’s style and how to choose the matching finishing touches to your door.

Should your home have a traditional style, or perhaps it is a period property, choosing innovative angular handles will sound unusual and look out of place. In the same way, opting for an antique, classic handle for your doors will interrupt the seamless modern interior of your home.

Versatile Choices For Every Home Decor Style

Matt black and chrome door handles offer an incredibly versatile finish that suits many kinds of properties and interior styles. Popular choices and the latest door handle trends for 2023 include a continued rise of matt black door handles. Including both aged and polished brass. However, it’s important to find the right fit and right door handle for you and your decor.

However, antique brass and oil-rubbed bronze are truly classic finishes that are a popular choice for a traditional home.

Interior Door Handles for Modern Homes

For the more modern homes, you’ll recognise these by their, simplicity, clean lines and possibly geometric shapes. No traditional features, these have been replaced by simple shapes, and natural materials with little space for clutter.

A well-suited modern door handle can be characterised by its sleek and simple look. They’re quite often clean and sharp in relation to their design and finish. Popular hardware finishes for modern homes are often chrome, black or bronze and fitted with a small, subtle rose plate.

Interior Door Handles for Traditional Homes

For those classic, period interiors or those influenced by period architecture, a traditional style of door hardware could be the perfect final, finishing touch. Consider curved handles and large backplates for traditional, period homes with a classic feel. Choose finishes of aged metals or rubbed bronze, matte black and antique brass as these are all wonderfully suited finishes to traditional homes.

Interior Door Handles for Victorian Homes suit a very straightforward and simple hardware shape. For Victorian homes, hardware colour and finish is the important part, choose rich colours and tones like brass and chrome, that easily complement many interior styles. Wrought iron or dark rustic finishes offer a truly Victorian style of ironmongery. 

Or a traditional beehive-style door knob is a wonderful example that works well even in a contemporary home. The beehive door knob was originally used in both Georgian and Victorian homes and can also add wonderful vintage detailing to modern homes. Polished brass door handles and door knobs are well suited to both Victorian and Georgian styles

Kitchen Door Handles

For bathrooms and kitchens where traffic and moisture are high, stainless steel door handles are a great non-rusting or staining hardware. They’ll keep their original finish for many years to come.

Door Furniture and Door Accessories

And of course, you can’t forget the door accessories! Furnishing your door isn’t just about a great door handle but coat hooks, door stops, door closers (if you need one, usually for apartment block fire doors, it ensures the door closes after being opened) door hinges, (butterfly or ball bearing, etc), latches (we’ve even got fancy magnetic ones). For all your door furniture and ironmongery, trust Door Supplies Webironmongery, trusted and loved by our customers, We’re proud to offer our price match guarantee and fast 3-5 day delivery.

For more information about our interior or exterior doors or door accessories, give us a call at 01254433883 and speak to a member of our expert team today or Email us at We look forward to hearing from you.


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