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When considering your interior style, we can often overlook door handles or door knobs. However, by carefully selecting your door hardware, you can enhance your interiors whilst adding essential functionality and security to your home.

Doors are a functional, necessary addition within your property, which act as both a divider and an access point between rooms. Most properties will have many internal and external doors, which will require the correct hardware. For example, a typical modern home may have up to 18 interior doors, whilst traditional or older properties may include more.

Doors are not complete without the right door furniture, and your choice of hardware can add a subtle yet essential finish. In addition, door furniture will assist in seamlessly blending your interior design from room to room.

The growth in the popularity of interior design has increased the range of styles and designs of door handles available on the market. With options ranging from modern and contemporary to traditional, vintage-inspired styles, there are many doors handles to suit any interior decor preference.

Choosing the right door handles for your house can be difficult, but it does not have to be. With many options available, it can be challenging to decide which to choose for your decorating style. So, where do you start?

Here, our experts will explore all the current door furniture trends and include essential technical information on choosing the best internal door handles for your home to complete any interior.


It is most likely that you want to incorporate a uniform style across your home, like any other interior design task. You can achieve this by opting for the same door design throughout your home. Thus, perhaps the first step to choosing your ideal door furniture would be to assess the property, your overall theme, deciding where to install your new hardware and whether you should choose a more modern or traditional design.

There are many determinants to consider when choosing your new door hardware, ranging from whether you want door handles or door knobs, what hardware style will fit your door, what hardware finish you should go for and which rooms you will be installing it on.


We know deciding on new internal door handles can be difficult, so first, begin by assessing the overall style of your home.

Should your home have a traditional style, or perhaps it is a period property, choosing innovative angular handles will sound unusual and look out of place. In the same way, opting for an antique, classic handle for your doors will interrupt the seamless modern interior of your home.

Here we will guide you through some of the door handle designs available to provide you with a clearer idea of what style to select.


Our modern door handles are characteristically striking, with prominent clean lines, contemporary curves, and geometric shapes. Often minimal in design, our modern handles are the perfect finishing touch to properties inspired by simplicity.

Modern door handles have a relaxed appearance, and their availability in neutral tones such as chrome only emphasizes their unassuming look.

The ideal addition to modern, contemporary interiors, selecting a modern door handle will add an eye-catching feature to your doorways. Browse our collection of modern door handles.


A fantastic method of incorporating period details into your home, our traditional door handles are the ideal final touch for properties that take influence from classic, period homes or vintage interiors.

Available in various finishes, pairing traditional door handles with warmer, aged metal finishes adds extra charm and flair to your home.

Discover our collection of traditional door handles.


The Victorian era was the era of luxury, and our Victorian door handles reflect this well. By taking inspiration from this era, our door handles are unique, with their crisp, ornate designs making them an effortless but eye-catching feature to your doorways.

With availability in finishes such as brass and chrome, our Victorian door handles are an easy way of adding luxury, style, and glamour to your home.

A highly versatile style, Victorian door handles complement many interiors, regardless of your style preferences. Be it modern or traditional; our Victorian door handles will stand out and effortlessly bring your desired design together.

Pick your favourite style from our collection of Victorian door handles.


Perhaps the most significant decision to make will be deciding whether to opt for door handles or door knobs. There are many styles available for both, ranging from classic, traditional styles to more striking, contemporary designs.


The most timeless choice, door knobs were one of the first inventions of door hardware and continue to be a popular choice for period properties. Ideal for a more discreet look, door knobs do not have to be limited to only period properties or classic designs; they can look fantastic in contemporary designed rooms.


A more modern choice, door handles have been in use since the early 1800s. With the addition of the lever, door handles are often easier to operate: the lever provides a better grip, ideal for any individual to use, particularly those with mobility restrictions.

Similarly, to door knobs, door handles are available in many styles, different colours and finishes, offering the perfect choice regardless of your decorating preferences.

Ultimately, the final decision about which one to choose will come down to your personal preference and style choices.



A classic design, the Lever Handle on Backplate complements traditional design schemes fantastically. Lever Handles on Backplate are available with and without keyholes, bathroom thumbturns and euro-locks with an array of designs to suit all interiors and rooms, including closet doors. In addition, their contemporary backplate conceals any screws and mechanisms to offer a neat, sleek finish.

The backplates of these handles will vary in sizes, making them an ideal, versatile option for any style preference.


A simple and stylish design, the Lever on Rose door handle will suit all properties. The ‘rose’ is the term used to describe the plate of the handle and can be the traditional round shape or square. The rose allows for the concealment of screws and fixtures for a luxurious, sleek finish that sits flush to the door.

Lever on Rose door handles is the ideal door handle for use on internal doors. If needed, you can combine the Lever on Rose door handle with a combination of locks, thumbturns and latches, dependent on the room and its requirements.


Offering a stylish alternative to a door handle, mortice door knobs are often considered more suitable for traditional properties. However, it is becoming increasingly popular to add mortice door knobs to more contemporary interiors, often using glass or a bright, polished finish. Using mortice door knobs gives your interiors a striking look and can provide a distinct glamourous flair to your interiors.

For extra security in rooms where you may need it, you can use mortice door knobs in combination with locks, bathroom thumbturns and euro locks. These will sit below the door knob and allow you to secure your room and belongings.


A rim door knob sits on the door’s surface with a rim lock which also sits on the door’s surface. The rim door knob will operate the lever from the door’s facade, allowing you to open and close the door.

You should use rim door knobs on doors where it may not be possible to fit a mortice door knob; this is often due to the width of the door as some are too thin to contain an internal mechanism. However, rim door knobs will also add a degree of decorative flair to your home. A stand-out piece of hardware, they are bound to catch the eyes of admirers.

Regularly found in period properties, rim door knobs work aesthetically well with a more traditional design. Regardless, adding one to a modern abode will not look out of place; it will simply add a classic touch.


Once you have completed your selection process of what type of interior door handles to choose, the next decision will be to decide your desired finish.

With so many door handles and door knobs available on the market, there is undoubtedly the perfect door hardware available for you, regardless of your decorating preference.


The latest trends in door hardware finishing’s favour satin style finishes.

With a subtle gloss, satin finishes do not show fingerprints and smudges as obviously as others. As a result, they are very low maintenance, with only the need for a wipe down with a chamois cloth when deemed necessary. As a result, satin finishes are an exceedingly popular and on-trend style in busy households, where style meets serviceability.

Browse our range of satin-finished handles.


Matt black door hardware is proving to be an exceedingly popular finish. As a result, many homeowners and interior designers opt for contemporary matt black detailing on their appliances, furniture pieces and home decor.

Adding a luxury element to modern interiors, the boldness of adding black door hardware will add a powerful statement, particularly when contrasted with natural wood or neutral painted doors.

Pick your favourite matt black door handle from our collection.


A timeless design, the cool, neutral tone of a chrome finish blends seamlessly with other household furnishings.

They are often considered a more modern finish down to their minimalist style and striking impact. However, our wide range of chrome handles will suit both traditional and modern interiors. Including matching chrome door handles throughout your home will give a distinct, uniform flair.

Discover our chrome door handle styles.

Other popular styles include:

  • Dual-Tone hardware
  • Antique Brass
  • Nickel finishes
  • Glass encrusted
  • Polished Brass

With so many finishes available, you are sure to find the perfect door handle for your home, regardless of your style.


Sometimes required as a separate purchase, deciding whether you will need a lock for your door should be a relatively easy decision.

Most likely, you will want to ensure higher security for your belongings and provide privacy for specific rooms. For instance, your bathroom and any doors leading into the house from garages or utility rooms will need to be locked.

However, most rooms you fit door handles to will not need a lock. For example, the doors leading into your living room, children’s bedrooms or kitchens should not require locking for the general safety of your household.

Different types of doors will require different types of locks.


We supply all our bathroom handles with the correct corresponding thumbturn. However, you will need to purchase a bathroom lock and install this into the door.

The benefit of using a thumbturn and release lock for bathrooms is that they allow for privacy whilst you are in the bathroom.

Using a thumbturn lock allows access to the bathroom should the lock become stuck, or someone becomes trapped. In this case, you can undo the lock easily from outside of the room.


For internal doors, regardless of whether you purchase a lever on backplate, a lever on rose or a doorknob, you can fit a lock to be accessed with a key.

For a higher level of security, opt for a three or five lever sash lock, where a five-lever lock offers more excellent protection than a three lever. Ideal for locking internal doors, these locks will provide security and privacy in rooms where needed.


For exterior doors, you will need a greater level of security for security purposes. Whether it is your front, back or side door you are looking to install a lock to, opting for a more robust, trustworthy lock is critical.

A popular option for front doors, installing a euro-lock will provide the protection you require. Fire-rated, euro locks have hardened steel anti-pick pins installed to prevent any tampering.


Perhaps it is your exterior handles which you want to change.

Exterior door handles provide the glamour and personality to your property before entering, having a lasting impression on your home. You need to purchase a hard-wearing handle for your entry door to ensure your property remains secure and you do not have to purchase new handles continuously.

With the added importance of keeping your home secure, you must choose the correct model. There are three factors to consider:

  • Your door type
  • The handle style
  • The lock type you need.


Each door has a different door design. Therefore, the first step to deciding on your new exterior handle is to determine the thickness of your door. The thickness of doors ranges, and this measurement is essential to purchasing the correct fitting handle.

Next, you need to measure the backset. For example, the backset of a door is the distance from the edge of the door to the centre point of the keyhole or the hole for the spindle.

Now you have the measurements you need; you can move on the choosing your handle.


First, decide on the handle design you want to choose, whether a lever on backplate, lever on rose or one of the many other styles available. Do not forget to consider your exterior architecture when deciding on your design.

It might also be worth coordinating your exterior handles to any fixtures you have on the exterior of your home; this may include light fixtures, letterboxes, or door knockers.


For external doors, the stronger the lock, the better. Whether a mortice sashlock, a deadlock or a euro lock, it is also possible to add an escutcheon for decorative purposes. Adding an escutcheon will help protect your lock from the elements and finish the look of your exteriors.

For the inside of your external doors, consider adding a night latch for even more security. A night latch will allow the door to remain locked from the inside without using a key.


Building a home is an exciting and rewarding experience. We know that when you settle on the perfect property, one of the next steps will be to choose door furniture that complements your interior design style.

Whether you are looking for something understated or bold, our experts can help guide every step of this process. By reading this post, we hope that you are now better equipped to make an informed decision about what style of door handles will work best in your house.

So, explore all our current trends in door handles-from simple brass fixtures with minimal detail to contemporary designs with sleek finishes; from traditional styles to industrial accents, you can find them all on our website.

If you need help choosing a set of beautiful internal door handles today, please contact us online or by phone. Our knowledgeable staff members would be happy to assist you with any questions on which type would work best for your needs!


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